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Note: Conductor is only for personal use, contact us at admin@clubtranscendia.com for commercial usage. 

Note; Conductor is now on Steam, please follow the link below to get your copy! 

Conductor is an audiovisual experience creation engine that encourages you to craft, save, and share funky environments with its vibrantly creative tool-set. 

Learn more at Conductor.gg!

Conductor is an early access community supported platform. If you like what we're doing here, please consider taking advantage of this product's pay-what-you-want status to tip at checkout or by supporting Club Transcendia on Patreon

After purchasing this product for $0.00 you'll be able to download Conductor's PC and VR builds for free!

Please always run Conductor from the patcher in the provided patcher folder in order to ensure you are always running the latest up to date version. Thank you!

Click the link below to learn about how to use Conductor!

Conductor Readme

Note: SteamVR needs to be installed on your computer in order for Conductor’s VR Build to run properly. Steam itself however, does not need to be open or require you to be logged in, in order to run Conductor's VR Build. 

Conductor's Desktop build is standalone and doesn't require this, as only the VR build makes use of SteamVR.

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- With love, Club Transcendia 

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