Conductor 2020.11 Update

HI hi everyone, TheArchitect here with a bugfix update! 

Conductor 2020.11 updates both the PC and VR editions with a bugfix for the streaming video functionality that had been previously disabled due to RIAA's shenanigans regarding pulling down YTDL from Github, the solution that we use in order to allow you to stream content in from places like YouTube, Twitch and the like. 

If you've already downloaded Conductor all you'll need to do is run the included patchers in both build's folders to get the update. In addition though, I've replaced the download here on itch with the latest version so that new downloaders will automatically have the latest fix. 

Please as always remember to always run Conductor through the included Patcher in order to stay up to date and get these patches as soon as they are pushed!

- With Love, TheArchitect


Conductor 404 MB
Nov 05, 2020

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